Where to Find Trans News and Info Online

It’s amazing how far trans awareness, education, and rights have come to the forefront of people’s consciousness in the last decade. When I listen to the radio, turn on the TV, or scan news websites; I invariably will hear, watch, or read something trans-related. It’s wonderful, but just because the information is out there, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a long road ahead when it comes to educating and shifting our understanding.

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Unless you have a trans friend, lover, or family member; you need to take initiative when it comes to learning about the transgender struggle. And if you do have an interest in dating trans women, well, you really should have an understanding of what it means to be trans. Check out these websites that provide news, stories, and information on trans issues.

Trans News and Information Sources

The Advocate

 You may just think of The Advocate as a site for gay and lesbian rights, but it has an entire section devoted to transgender issues. “Learn more about how transgender public figures, including Chelsea Manning, Jen Richards, Laverne Cox . . . and others are shaping and pushing forward the agenda of the LGBT rights movement.”

Recent articles include “Trans Rights Will Not Be Falling into the Abyss” and “Minnesota Mother Sues Daughter for Transitioning.”

Huffington Post

The Huff Post Transgender site is top grade when it comes to reporting trans news. You’ll find everything trans including personal stories, rights issues, trans policies, trans celebrities, and more.

Check out these two recent headlines: “This Hair Stylist Is Helping Trans Youth Transform Into Their Authentic Selves” and “Trans Lesbian Gets Undressed To Get Candid About Her Vaginoplasty.”


“Only 16% of Americans say they personally know someone who is transgender…Given this reality, most Americans learn about transgender people through the media. So when the media talks about transgender issues – it is imperative that they get it right.” GLAAD is committed to working with the media to fairly and accurately tell the stories of transgender lives.

Check out these articles: “MTV Celebrates Transgender Awareness Week” and “GLAAD Works with Tinder to Create Trans-Inclusive App Update.”


“Most people aren’t experts on what it means to be trans, or to undergo a “gender transition” . . . when they do need or want to learn more, and they are not themselves transgender, the flow of information often comes to a standstill. I hope that, by providing this information to those who might otherwise be confused, I can help maintain peace and support among trans people and their friends/families.”

You will find a trans glossary, a list of trans misconceptions, first steps to help you understand transgender, advice on how to combat transphobia, and more. This is the perfect site for those of you who may have never met a trans woman, let alone dated one. The site talks in plain language and welcomes everybody.

Tranzgendr News & Entertainment

You’ll find a wide array of articles at TN&E, everything from politics to history to science to sex and dating advice, as well as features on trans women and men in the entertainment industry.

Read now: “Amber Rose Dated a Trans Man, So What?”

What are your go-to sites for trans news and information?

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