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Bride and Bouquet

It’s springtime, which means it’s patio season and dating season. This means you’re out and about, meeting all new kinds of people, going on all sorts of dates. If you ever feel short of a topic to talk about, try reading up on current issues to create real lively topics of conversation. But make no mistake, these issues are real, and engaging. The number of stories in the world on how trans people are making a mark for incredible social change is growing. These stories below are just a sampling.

Transgender Shopper to File Complaint Against Bridal Shop

It’s not the job of anyone else to make someone feel comfortable about another person’s gender. It is clear the shopkeeper is protecting their own fears and shame, not anyone else’s.

“Saskatchewan’s human rights commissioner David Arnot told CBC News Friday any discrimination, whether it is direct or indirect that a transgender person experiences as the result of a store’s policy or rule, is still a human rights violation.” – read CBC News article 

Transgender Rights: Tufts University Announces New Trans-Friendly Student Health Insurance

Of the thousands of universities in Canada and the States, there are 38 universities which have included gender reassignment surgery in their health care plan for students. Despite the ratio, this is quite a monumental change in how North America is opening their arms to the world of trans people.

“This month, Tufts University became the 38th university in the United States to include gender reassignment surgery in its student health care plan . . . While the costs of adding this to the the health plan were minimal, the university did have to fight with its insurance company before finally deciding to switch providers.” read policymic article

Transgender York County Student and Girlfriend Will Be Allowed to Attend Prom

This is a horribly written article, and I am somewhat regretful to have included this as one my examples. However, the issue is striking enough and overrides the terribly written prose that it is. It is more significant to note that teens are getting to know themselves enough and becoming strong enough to stand up for being trans and making changes. Here, at the high school level, where seemingly impossible fights are being fought and won, trans people can start to feel a semblance of hope and dignity.

“Wolfe earlier this week learned that his name had been stripped from the prom king race and put under the running for prom queen.” -read Penn Live article

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