It’s Never too Late to Come Out as Trans

Every now and again we are reminded that it is never too late to change our lives. Sometimes there is good news in the news—a recent story about a woman who began her transgender transition at the age of ninety is so inspiring!

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I think about an aunt who never drove but after being widowed at 71, faced down her fears and went to driving school. She got tired of asking the rest of us to take her to get her hair done, even though we didn’t mind.

There are folks who have gone back to school after retiring and started the career they’d always wanted in the first place. We can all be inspired by the stories of people who refused to quit or give up on their dreams.

But Patricia Davies’ story beats all of them.

At the age of ninety, the British World War II veteran, assigned male at birth, found the courage to come out as her true self.

“I have known since the age of three that I was in the wrong body,” Patricia told Caters News. “From about the age of four… I didn’t want toy soldiers. I wanted an ironing board.”

Patricia says she has always known, but was afraid of people’s reactions. In the army during her service, she would have been considered a homosexual if she tried to explain her truth. At the time, she would have been imprisoned for being gay, which is how being trans was perceived.

She kept living a false life as Peter because she feared the various medical treatments that attempted to cure transexual people, such as shock therapy.

Last year Patricia saw transgender characters in a comedy called Boy Meets Girl, and she decided to tell her doctor she was really a woman. She began hormone therapy and started to dress as a woman.

“I’m quite content now and I wear a skirt and blouse,” she told Inside Edition. The transition “has been something I’ve wanted all of my life.”

Bravo to this wonderful lady who shows us it is never too late to find the courage to live free, not matter what it is we have been afraid to change. I hope Patricia has many more birthdays so that she can enjoy life as her true self!

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