6 Facebook Pages for Transexual Lovers

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If you’re not using Facebook then I heartily congratulate you, and you can go ahead and ignore this post. However, if you are among the rest of us and love transwomen, then read on to get even more great trans content flowing into your newsfeed.

Transexual and shemale-related Facebook pages mostly focus on posting sexy pictures of TS models, but the best of them feature real transwomen and links to actual content. These are some of the best that I’ve been able to find and subscribe to myself… on Facebook
This is a bit of a shameless plug, I’ll admit. TSmeet posts the occasional picture of a TS hottie, but they also post most of the articles written on this blog. So if you’d like to get posts coming up in your feed then be sure to “like”!

Tranny Mafia is an excellent community page aimed at preventing human rights injustices for the transgendered community. They bring current issues to their page for discussion and education. Keep up to date on the latest “wins” and issues that still need our help.

Tgirls (Real Profiles)
I like this page because they post amateur pics of actual transwomen, and many of the posts will also include a link to the t-girl featured so you can then follow their profile. You can also send in your own pics and they will post them for you!

Transgender Support (World Wide)
The name says it all. This page is more informational than arousing and provides excellent links to information regarding political and social transgender issues. They also do their own video broadcasts and have links to entertainment-related content. Show your support and like this page!

Wipe Out Transphobia
Another important page on Facebook for trans lovers is Wipe Out Transphobia, which provides valuable information for transgender people and their loved ones. Lots of good discussions going on in the comments here as well.

TS-Today Transgirls 24
You’ll find picture posts of both amateurs and sexy models. This page is a “European Shemale Guide” and isn’t all in English, but when you’re scrolling through pictures like these who cares what language it’s in?

Do you have a trans Facebook page you want to recommend? Tell us about it in the comments!

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