What Turns a Trans Woman On

Inquiring minds want to know—what makes transgender women horny? What turns her on? Of course, there are as many answers as there are transgender women.

Every t-girl is different and has unique triggers for desire and arousal. But here are some that are common to many or most women.

T-Girl Turn-Ons

Affectionate Touching

Not everyone’s a big hugger, we get that. But if the only time you can stand to touch her is when you’re about to get some, forget it.

Women’s sensuality isn’t compartmentalized that way. Stoke the fires outside the bedroom to heat things up when you’re naked. Hold her hand. Kiss her neck. Put your hands around her waist. Touch her hair. Put your hand on her thigh when you’re driving.

Sense of Humor

Yep, there it is again. The reason “a sense of humor” is on every list is because it’s so important!

When a woman enjoys being with you and has fun, she can relax enough to get into the mood. When she knows you don’t take things—or yourself—too seriously, she can let go and enjoy sex.

If you just aren’t that funny, try lightening up anyways. You don’t have to force the jokes. It’s an attitude adjustment, about having fun and enjoying each other’s company.

Slow and Sensual Sex

She’ll forgive you if you were so excited that you came too fast. But if you’re trying to rush the full monty, she won’t have the time she needs to relax and get into it.

A woman who’s worrying that it’s almost over won’t get fully aroused. If she knows you’ll take your time, that it’s not all about “getting it over with,” she’ll blossom into full bloom.

Tough and Tender Approach

Some guys think being macho is the way to go, and others insist it’s all about being gentle and emotional. It’s the mix that makes us wet.

When a tough guy has a softer side, in and out of bed, she’ll be begging for it. When Mr. Nice Guy shows his strong side, we get crazy for more. We want it all!

What’s In Your Pants

It’s not all about patience, laughter, and flowers. A near universal turn on is the suggestion and promise, and pure animal sexuality, of your erection under denim. Yes, she looks at your junk.

When you’re in the car, she looks at your package pressed against your pants. When you sidle up to her, she gets a little wave of weakness when she can feel your cock pushing at her hip or belly.


Thin and elegant, piano player’s fingers? Hardworking mechanic’s hands? That your hands are a turn on for her might surprise you, but when you think about it, it makes sense. They work. They hold cats and coffee.

Hands are also a key sex organ, and she often imagines them exploring all her erogenous zones.


A man goes from one to a hundred in a revved-up second, but a woman can ALWAYS go higher. She is a furnace that can be amplified even more. What you count as horny is just her warming up. So keep stoking those fires.

Sure, you can get naked, get off, and be done with it, but you can keep her red hot with old-school kissing, necking, and making out. The intimacy and connection of kissing are powerful bonding tools for both of you.

What turns you on? Please share in the comments!

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