How to Put a Trans Woman in the Mood

The older you get as a woman, the more you notice the little things that affect your sex drive. Of course, it’s different with every partner, long-term and casual, but there are markers that seem to affect most women’s up-and-down libido.

For myself, I’m always a lot more horny right before and during my period. What’s funny, is that a guy I was dating years ago first brought this to my attention (he told me that most women he’d been with, which was a lot, would put out the sex signal like clockwork once a month.) I thought this was bs until I kept track of my own sexual cravings. I had to agree.

If you’re just into casual sex, playing the field, or short-term arrangements, knowing this may not help you. But let’s talk about what else puts a woman in the mood, cis and trans, that you can watch for or affect.

What Puts a Woman in the Mood

Listen Actively

You may ask what this has to do with having sex with a trans woman, but like most things that turn women on, it often isn’t directly related to sex.

A great listener is hard to find and will always be appreciated and noticed. When she’s talking, make eye contact and wait until she’s finished to respond. Ask questions to learn more about her interests and passions. Great conversation often leads to great sex.

Pay Attention to Detail

Whether it’s something you read previously in her dating profile, or something she said two weeks ago on the phone, when you bring up the details that are important to her, she will know that you care enough to pay attention.

Even trans women who only want casual sex still want a little something to remind them they’re not just there for your gratification.

Make Her Laugh

I’ve been with many men who I initially didn’t find attractive whatsoever, men who I thought I would never date let alone get naked with. But there’s something about a man’s ability to make a woman laugh.

Laughing makes us feel good and want to be around that source of joy more and more. And it can actually change our perception on a man’s physical looks.

Be the Man

A trans woman became a woman for a reason. If she isn’t gay, she wants you to treat her like the woman she is. She will likely enjoy a chivalrous demeanor, or even a take-charge attitude when it comes to dating and sex. Plan the dates, pay for dinner and tickets to events (not every time is necessary, but it’s nice for a first date), and ravish her during foreplay.

Make the Sex Memorable

You want to make sure you give it your all that all-important first time. A red-hot hookup always leaves them wanting more, no matter what gender you are.

Don’t be afraid to share a kink (nothing too intense, like fisting or bondage), while focusing on her pleasure. And it’s okay to ask for direction when you’re just getting know her body.

I’ll share one more thing that keeps my motor revved that is common for women—the more we get, the more we want. If I haven’t had sex in weeks and weeks, my libido takes a nosedive. If you can’t be with your lover for a time, engage in phone or video make-out sessions to keep the fires stoked, so she doesn’t forget how good it can be!

Let’s hear from our trans readers: What puts you in the mood? Please leave a comment!

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