What Casual Sex Can Teach You and Your Trans Girlfriend

There are pros and cons to casual sex, and the same holds true for long-term sex with the same partner. Variety is the spice of life to be sure, but then again, practice makes perfect.

If the sex in your relationship has grown humdrum, you can discover new heights by remembering the fleeting thrills of stolen embraces.

Whatever the problem, here are some solutions from the other side of the rainbow!

What Casual Sex Can Teach You and Your Trans Girlfriend

Use the benefit of trust to explore deeper fantasies.

If you’ve been in bed together a million times, it can feel like there’s nothing left to explore. But there’s always more.

Restore the element of surprise by trying out new fantasies, kinks, and experiences together. Try role playing to enjoy a new erotic perspective. If she’s usually dominant, experiment with her playing the sub.

The benefit of being secure, intimate, and comfortable together is that you can experiment outside of your comfort zone without worrying about sending the wrong signal or going farther than you signed up for. Trust and intimacy means the range of novelty can be far greater than it is with someone you don’t know.

Revive date night, and plan something special.

There’s so much to be said for coming to a place where you can both be yourselves with each other. You no longer drown yourself in aftershave, or even bother to shave, before a date.

It’s a relief for her too, to let her hair down and be comfortable with a man who adores her just as she is.

You see her after a long shift at work, and she sees you flossing your teeth.

But if you’re both snoring into a box of take-out pizza more often than rocking until dawn, start having a date night where you both dress up the way you did when you wanted to impress each other and get laid. Monday can be mundane and marvelous, and Friday can be high heels and heavenly.

Pump the breaks, and don’t go all the way.

Casual dating might seem to be all about wild, frenzied fucking against the parking lot wall or naughty lunch-hour encounters that make the hair on your toes curl. But you’re forgetting a main ingredient of afternoon sex or casual dating—NOT doing it.

Lots of hot hookups and new-partner dating is about stolen gropes, making out for hours, and texting back and forth in delicious agony as you dream of your weekend date.

You can amplify the sexual energy by showing a little purposeful restraint and building anticipation. Replace the work drop-off peck with some erotically charged making out.

Sext each other when she’s out with the girls and you’re at softball. Cop a feel or get into each other’s pants just moments before you have to part, and leave things open ended in that heady state of horny, deliberately leaving it unfulfilled so that you can’t wait to get your hands on each other again.

Been together a while? Tell us what sex tips and tricks you use to keep the flame alive!

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