Reasons Your TS Date Isn’t Putting Out

You were sure tonight was the night. The chemistry with the beautiful transexual you are dating has been insane, and she’s been flirting with you from the start. So why aren’t you both naked?

There are many issues or reasons that might attribute to your trans lover or date not wanting to have sex with you tonight, tomorrow, or next week. Let’s look at some possibilities.

She’s sending mixed messages.

She might be mixed up, and she might enjoy manipulating men—two reasons why she could send you mixed messages.

More commonly, a woman may be genuinely confused about her feelings. Maybe she wants you, but she also wants her ex and the breakup is fresh. Maybe she wants to want you because you seem like Mr. Right, but she really wants Mr. Wrong. Maybe several men are in the picture, and she isn’t certain how to make the right choice. Be patient, but don’t be a doormat. There are lots of other T-girls waiting for dates.

You got the messages wrong.

Take my word for it, guys, men are notorious for being way off base. I was puzzled by this for a long time but since watching enough National Geographic, I see it is a built-in biology thing in males of many species!

Men read signals of female desire that they are sure are there, but aren’t. I’m sure you’ve heard a buddy talk about how some babe can hardly control herself around him, but you know he’s delusional—that girl doesn’t even know who he is, or she is obviously disinterested.

It’s worth examining whether you’re reading signs that aren’t there. If she tells you that you got it all wrong and to stop bothering her, believe her.

She’s afraid to share her body.

A transgender woman might be uncomfortable in her body if it doesn’t look the way she wants it to. She may experience extreme gender dysphoria during sex, even if she has female body parts. She may be quite comfortable, but not sure how comfortable her date is with her penis.

Be supportive and assure her you welcome her body, however it is and however it works, and that you want to get to know it and bring her pleasure at her pace.

You’ve been a jerk.

When a man doesn’t call, women tend to wonder what we did wrong. But when a woman ignores you, men seldom question how they screwed it up. If you told her you’re dating her exclusively but went out with her bestie last night, she knows about it, believe me, and that’s why you’re not getting any.

She wants to make sure you’re not just a tranny chaser.

If you’re meeting transgender women online for casual dating and hookups, you both suspend the complications of each other’s personal lives for a fleeting but fun connection. But if you’re dating with something long term or more serious in mind, she might want to wait to make sure she’s not just a novelty item.

Make sure your profile and your messages to trans women are honest. Don’t be shy about wanting casual sex—lots of women are looking for that too! But if you’re looking for something that lasts, don’t be surprised if she wants to test drive you before hopping into bed and never hearing from you again.

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