Quickie Benefits for You and Your T-Girl

I’m constantly extolling the virtues of long make-out sessions, foreplay, afterplay, extending arousal, and taking your dear sweet time. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t occasions that merit or demand something quick and dirty for you and your trans girl.

Don’t sacrifice slow, elaborate, meandering, orchestral sex sessions for ones that race to the finish line. But as an addition to your bedroom bliss, quickies are the fast track to heaven.

How a Quickie Can Benefit You Both

It’s better than nothing.

That might not sound like a ringing endorsement, but if your T-girl is racing off to perform veterinary surgery and you’ll be driving cargo across the country for the rest of the week, then ten minutes of pleasure is a great way to connect sexually instead of waiting until a golden opportunity.

Quickies boost libido.

A sex famine might seem like the way to push desire through the roof, but in reality, the longer you go with less sex, the farther it gets from your mind.

Couples who often go without sex get way too used to not having it—don’t. Keep sex on the front burner by, well, having it often. Quickies are an easy way to add more sex to your relationship.

She needs to use her vagina.

If your transexual date has a penis or if her vagina is too new to use, this doesn’t apply. But trans women who have had sex reassignment surgery (SRS) and suffered through months of dilating numerous times a day want to keep their va jay jay in use without it feeling like a medical procedure.

If she wants to, help her have sex every day!

Quickies improve your mood.

Sex is a great way to beat stress and send folks off into the world with a smile on their face. Why not switch things up and have sex before work, or before that dreaded family gathering?

You don’t need to limit sex to bedtime, when both of you might be exhausted. A quickie before work can make you more satisfied with your job if it’s not the greatest part of your life—put a spring in your step with a few minutes of horny bliss.

The bond between you will deepen.

Quickies aren’t just for casual sex dates who can’t keep their hands off of each other. Regular sex with a long-term partner keeps the association of dopamine and other pleasure hormones connected to your loved one. You’ll exchange oxytocin as well, a hormone specifically for bonding and comfort.

The attention you are showering each other with, even when time is short, means you both have reassurance and the affection you crave.

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