5 Tips for Building Intimacy with Your Trans Partner

Are you already in a relationship with a beautiful trans woman, but you want to go a little deeper? Casual dating is great if that’s where you’re at, but if you’ve met someone you are falling in love with, you want to build intimacy.

Some men think intimacy is all about sex, and that’s part of it, but there are many little things that create the bonds of close relationships.

5 Ways to Build Intimacy with Your TS Partner

  1. Share inner feelings and thoughts. Some of us keep these close to the vest, while others wear them on their sleeve. When you take a chance sharing desires, needs, even secrets, you not only build trust, but you also invite your partner to open up.
  2. Create a safe environment. When your partner does share, listen actively and without judgement. Make eye contact in day-to-day interactions to show that you are present and mindful. Only introduce your trans partner to people in your life that will make her feel welcome, unless she says she can handle something more.
  3. Express love and affection. You don’t have to say “I love you!” every waking moment, but more often than only in response to her saying it is a good idea. For many women, the small daily displays of affection are what counts most—hugs, kisses, caresses, cuddles on the couch.
  4. Plan adventures together. Spontaneity is fun in relationships, but making plans ahead of time gives you something to look forward to together. Cooperation and compromise come into play when planning and can help couples to connect, whether it be day tripping to Six Flags or a two-week Mediterranean cruise.
  5. Support each other’s journey. As a couple you will have joint goals—saving for a house or vacation, moving in together, creating a family—but you will also have individual short and long-term goals. Be your partner’s cheerleader when they are on their path—something concrete like earning a diploma, or something more fluid like gender transitioning.

I find that building intimacy never really ends. Sometimes in long-term relationships, we become complacent and take our partners for granted. I say keep building, even after the foundation has been built!

How do you build intimacy in your transgender relationships?

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