New Year’s Resolutions for Trans Couples

If you and your transgender partner are celebrating another New Year’s together, why not make resolutions too. Instead of the same old self-improvement resolutions, focus on your relationship and growing together.

Renewing commitment through shared resolutions can bring a different perspective. And prioritizing your sex life together can rejuvenate things or get both of you excited about sexy new adventures.

Here are some couple’s resolutions to choose from!

Plan Date Nights

All kinds of couples end up forgetting how much they enjoy doing things together because life gets in the way, or both parties start to take each other for granted. Just as you always made time at first for dating and sex with each other, resolve to do so now.

You want to prevent boredom, and you want to avoid one of you thinking, “We never do anything together anymore.” Prioritize spending time with your partner.

By making Wednesday night or Monday afternoon your weekly date, it’s easy to schedule each other in.

Make a list of things you hope to do and see this year, and toss them into a Mason jar. Pull one out each week, and there’s your date.

Share Your Trans Attraction

Intimacy depends on continual growth. So resolve to keep growing by taking a plunge in a significant way.

For some of you, it might mean introducing your trans girlfriend to your family and friends. If you’re not “out” yet, consider that now is the time.

This means the world to trans women who are used to being hidden away and treated as something shameful.

Maybe it’s marriage, something you’ve talked about for a long time. Maybe you haven’t slept together yet because she wanted to wait until after surgery. Maybe it’s paying for a surgery that she has long desired.

Whatever it is, whatever is most important, decide together whether now is the time, and if it is, resolve to do so.

Practice Change and Acceptance

Even those human beings you love most have annoying habits or ways that just don’t jive with yours.

Decide which irritations or problems really do need to change, and change them. Also, decide to accept the things that aren’t going to change or don’t really need to.

For example, if she has asked you more than twice not to leave your laundry all over her floor, man up and start picking up after yourself, or soon you’ll start blaming her for nagging you and that’s messed up.

If you’re fighting about bigger issues, now’s the time to resolve that those issues must be resolved. Fighting without resolving the subject matter leads to a deteriorating relationship. Things that really aren’t important aren’t important enough to fight about, so let them go.

Make Time for Sex

Resolve to make love more often, because you can.

It’s natural for couples of all kinds to stop kissing and holding hands and surprising each other with sexts or flirting. But why? When we first fall in love with our transgender beauty, we don’t need any reminders that we want to fuck.

Don’t forget about sex as time goes on, and don’t forget about physical intimacy in smaller ways, like holding hands, or helping her unzip before bed.

If you both find that time really gets away from you and you’ve forgotten to make love for weeks, resolve now to have one quickie a week (bring back that bent-over-the-sink for ten minutes excitement!) and one slow session with lots and lots of kissing.

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