3 Quickie Tips for Men

There are so many reasons you may be engaging in a quickie with a trans woman. Maybe you both love public sex and the idea of being caught, or maybe sparks fly immediately upon meeting and you just want to rip each other’s clothes off. Or maybe you’ve been in a fight with your t-girl and make-up sex is the way you mend fences. No matter the reason, it’s often spontaneous and very hot. Here’s a few tips to make the most of your next quickie.

1. Timing is everything. Men may think about sex all the time, but a quickie isn’t always appropriate to the situation. Usually you can feel the heat between yourself and a woman, either instantly ignite or slowly build. Sexual tension is hard to ignore… and shouldn’t be! If she isn’t DTF, leave it alone, and fantasize about the next time.

2. Keep the foreplay in. I know it’s called a quickie but that doesn’t mean you just stick it in and come. One man’s quickie might be ten minutes, while another guy might see a short session as half an hour. Most women, even in a ravenous state, will likely want some grabbing, pinching, squeezing, and hot kissing in the mix. This intense foreplay will also arouse her physically, so it doesn’t hurt.  

3. Talk about it. I don’t mean brag about it to your buddies. Men who parlay their sexual conquests don’t last long with the cool ladies. What I do mean is tell her how much you enjoyed it and how sexy she was. I like to use these makeout sessions when sexting, to remind my partner how hot we are together. It keeps the passion alive between our hookups or dates.

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Do you enjoy quickies? Share your tips in the comments below!

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