How to Make Your Trans Girlfriend Feel Sexy and Desirable

When men share with me their woes about not having as much sex as they’d like with their lovers, I always ask the same question: Do you make her feel desirable? Most of the time I get a shrug of the shoulders, and something along the lines of, “I think so” in response.

If your girlfriend feels desirable, you’ll be having a satisfactory amount of sex. Of course, women have their own innate reasons for feeling sexy and desirable, but a partner can really help build this through his actions.

From my own relationship history, a lack of attention often resulted in a short honeymoon phase followed by an almost non-existent sex life.

So, how can you make a woman, your partner, feel sexy and desirable? It’s easier than you think.

Compliment her regularly. She doesn’t have to be dressed up to go out on the town, for you to notice and comment. It might be how hot she looks in a new pair of jeans or the way she curled her hair that morning. Women appreciate men who notice the small things.

Show more affection. This isn’t anything to do with sex, but rather about basic physical connection. Give her a quick squeeze or hug when you pass her in the kitchen, run your fingers through her hair when you’re on the couch watching TV, or give her a kiss on the neck when you see her putting on her makeup.

Take her shopping. Treating a woman to a new pair of shoes, a piece or lingerie, or a new cardigan can boost her confidence. Let her choose what she feels good in, rather than pushing your tastes onto her.

Give her a sexy massage. You don’t have to be a shiatsu master to make a woman feel great through the sense of touch. Create a warm comfortable environment with soft lighting and mood music before treating her to a sensual relaxing massage.

Introduce her to friends and family. A trans woman does not want to feel like a secret, no woman does. When a woman meets the important people in your life, she feels important too, that you are proud to be with her and that she is desirable.

What tips can you add as a man, or trans woman?

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