How to Make Anal Sex Good for Her

For guys who love anal sex, you might feel you struck gold when a gorgeous trans woman agrees to hook up with or date you. After all, chances are she loves anal too, right?

This line of logic is somewhat faulty—not all women, with or without vaginas, desire penetration in their pussy or ass.

That said, some t-girls feel deeply fulfilled being penetrated, and whether or not they have a vagina, they may enjoy anal penetration too.

How to Make Anal Sex Good for Her

Listen carefully.

Before you get naked, during foreplay and every thrust, listen and process what she says—what her body says, and what her sighs say.

Chances are the expert on your transgender girlfriend’s body, including her anus, is your transgender girlfriend.

So before you get busy, and throughout every sex session, listen carefully to what she tells you about what she likes and doesn’t like. About how her body works. About what feels good. About what turns her on. About what hurts and doesn’t.

Keep lots of lube on hand.

Forget saliva, urine, water, or the thin coating on lubricated condoms—keep a range of lubricants on hand.

Or better yet, ask what her preferences are. There are many kinds of lubricants, and all of them are a whole lot better than nothing, from the utilitarian medical-exam KY Jelly to special ass-fucking superpowers that promise painless glide. See if she has a favorite, and have fun experimenting.

Make sure she’s warmed up.

The best sex for women happens when they’re insanely aroused, and trans women are no exception. Her psychology requires that arousal, and so does her physiology, even if she has a penis. The hormones she takes means her body operates the way a woman’s body does. You might not think great kissing and hand holding has much to do with a hot anal-sex hookup, but it does.

There’s a time and place for a quickie, but generally sex isn’t something you want to get over with. Take your time and warm her up. Send her messages in advance about how hot she makes you. Spend time together laughing and touching. Don’t skip the heavy petting part when she starts to tear at your clothes. By the time you get down to business, she’ll be ready for your hard cock to enter.

Start small.

The anus is a muscle and it needs to relax. You don’t want it tensed up. Teasing and touching her with a fingertip lets her experience the sensations to come without worrying about it hurting. By warming her ass up with your pinkie finger and a small butt plug, she’ll be ready to take you.

Experiment with different positions.

If anal sex is uncomfortable, it might be the position. Even if that was her favorite with another lover, everything depends on angles and depth and you’ll want to try switching up sex positions to find the one that works best for the two of you. She can control penetration if she’s sitting on you. Or if doggie doesn’t go smoothly, a pillow to support her might make all the difference.

Do you enjoy anal sex? What tips can you share? Please leave a comment!

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