How to Be a Rock Star in Bed with Your TS Lover

You pride yourself on being a great lover, paying attention to your transgender partner’s needs and desires.

Still, you might wonder how you measure up with the most legendary lovers of all time. Are you simply the best, or do you give love a bad name?

If you want to take her down to Paradise City, here is a little help from your friends at I Love TS.

Tips to Rock Her World

Understand that you don’t actually want to be a “rock star” in bed.

It might seem like rock ‘n’ roll means anyway you want it, all night long, and it’s true that chicks go crazy for bad boys. But rock stars are notoriously terrible in bed, despite their legendary appeal. Too much booze and worse, too much ego to really just lose yourself—too few good vibrations for those born to be wild.

You could say that rock stars can’t get no satisfaction. And their lovers are unsatisfied too, judging by all those tell-all memoirs. So think of “rock star” as a metaphor for being a great lover, even though rock stars often aren’t.

Pay attention.

If you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling, or found yourself empty handed in the midnight hour, you might need to pay more attention to your wild thing. The number one way to improve your reputation in bed is really this simple. Focus on the woman you’re with, and be present with her.

Listen when she talks. Ask questions. Notice her hot legs, her lips like sugar, or her little black dress. Comment on her hair and jewelry. Understand that she put together her outfit for you.

You can take it to the limit every time without money, without fame, without being a perfect ten. Pay attention and listen to her—in and out of bed—and Billie, she won’t lose your number.

Be the lover with the slow hand.

There are lots of occasions where you’ll be a bat out of hell. But let the torrid quickie be special-occasion sex, and leisurely love be the norm. Take your time, and give her something to remember.

The longer you make out and fool around with your clothes on, the hotter a woman gets and the closer she’ll come to needing to beg. Time is your stairway to heaven.

Understand that most sex takes place outside the bedroom.

The man who truly understands that sex is like an iceberg is the one who leaves the lasting impression. The few hours in the love shack are just the final countdown. A woman is aroused slowly over time, and whether you are dating seriously or plan to beat it after a casual hookup, the emotional connection is key.

Her physical attraction doesn’t happen without emotional chemistry. You don’t need to be a magic man to get her addicted to love. But if you think the cheap tricks you use when doing the mambo on black velvet are more important than paying attention, returning her calls, and taking your time, you are dancing in the dark.

Use your imagination.

If you want her to justify your love and get crazy for you, creativity is key. Your TS girlfriend might feel like a sex metal barbie tonight, or she might be little miss shy. She can be vulnerable with a body that doesn’t respond or work the way she wants it to. A little patience goes a long way. Be willing to enjoy sex in unexpected ways, with different boundaries on different days.

Remember that she is not a sex machine, but she does need sexual healing. Wherever she is in her transition, with hormones or medical procedures, she will have different needs.

Play along, and you’ll never play alone.

What are your rock-star moves? Please share in the comments!

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