Giving Good Head to Your Trans Woman

A pre-op trans woman still has a penis, and may well want to have that penis sucked now and then. Here are a few pointers that will help you give good head, or if you’re a pre-op woman, here are a few tips to give to straight guys who want to experience all your womanly cock has to give.

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1. Good blowjobs start everywhere other than the penis. They start outside the clothes. They start on the neck with heavy breath. They start in the conversation. They start by sensually unbuckling the belt and sliding down between someone’s legs. You can’t beat fabulous foreplay!

2. Enthusiasm is a big deal. Oral sex is a delicate psychological operation and the person giving can easily have their confidence crushed by a few misplaced words, or the lack of a big finish. 

3. You can be guided by sound. Listen for her moaning. This will indicate you are on the right track. Silence usually means the opposite. And don’t be afraid to ask and listen attentively to her instruction.

4. Circumcised and uncircumcised cocks like different things. Try to pay attention to your lady’s body language. Also, you can never go too gentle or too slow, but if they ask for harder then give it to them.

5. Rhythm is helpful. If you build up a consistent rhythm then you’re going to get orgasmic results. If you stop and start, or suck randomly, you will be annoying and not cause orgasms.

6. Use your mouth and hands in tandem to create powerful feelings. Get lots of spit on your hands and use them to work the shaft. Get a finger very lubed up and go for that prostate gland! Your lady’s cock will thank you.

7. Finish what you start! Nothing is more annoying than a person who cuts off oral sex half way through and doesn’t intend to finish. These people are selfish and annoying. Ask for and expect the best from your lovers.

8. Learn to swallow. It’s not so fucking bad, and it’s usually a huge turn on for some recipients. Just keep a glass of water beside the bed if you want to wash it down.

So that’s it for now. No matter whose cock you have in your mouth tonight, I hope you treat it well.

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