Gifting Lingerie to your Transgender Lover

I love to get gifts for my transgender dates. Because I love lingerie on a sexy lady, my favorite gift to get for my TS lover is beautiful undergarments. Generally, I only do this if we’ve already been intimate, or if it’s absolutely clear from our online chats that something sexual is sure to happen.

I love the look of silky soft fabric stretched across my transgender girlfriend’s body… and bootie! Or the look of matching lace panties and bra as a woman undresses – that drives me wild! Although my fave place for my transgender date’s clothes is, of course, on the floor. When thinking about giving your lady the gift of sexy clothes and lingerie, there are a few things to consider.

What is your lady’s style? Is she dominant? A plain Jane who’s wild underneath? Or maybe she’s ultra feminine or super sporty. It’s always a good idea to match your lady’s style when giving lingerie – that way she’ll be more likely to wear it. I asked a woman I’d met at what type of panties she’d prefer, and she gave me an interesting answer. “For day to day,” she said, “I like elegant and simple, but if we’re playing dress-up I love to go a little raunchy.” So make sure you clarify what your gift is for and the sense of style it needs to satisfy.

Women’s clothes are notoriously difficult to size. Any woman will tell you that she’s an A cup at one store and a size B at another – and a size C at still another. And garment manufacturer’s vary – one store’s size 12 may be another’s 8. You can either ask your gal her size, or if you want to surprise her, always go larger on the bra cup and smaller on the panties or one-piece, so as to flatter rather than insult.

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What other factors impact gifts for transgender ladies? Share with us in the comments below!

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