Can Long-Distance Love Last with a Trans Woman?

Long-distance relationships are difficult and challenging, but their rarity could be a virtue for the right couple, and there are rewards.

For some couples, a long-distance relationship is the only alternative to breaking up, making it a great option. For other couples, it is preferable to one person changing their lives and leaving their friends and family or culture.

Since many guys who are dating transgender women—or any people dating online—end up meeting potential lovers from all over the Internet, there’s always that possibility that the right person will be far away.

Can it work? I say yes, but admit it requires very independent partners, an extra-focused commitment to weather the difficulties, and excellent communication skills.

If you’ve hit it off with a sexy transgender woman who lives far away, here are some thoughts.

Long-Distance Dating Considerations

Long-distance lovers are a benefit of polyamory.

If you’re both polyamorous, sustaining a long-term relationship isn’t really a problem. It’s wonderful that you are able to get together as lovers when fates allow, and maintain an unconventional love affair across time and place.

Traditional, monogamous romances can work, too, for the right temperaments.

If you’re both very busy, independent, introverted, adventurous, or open-minded, a long-distance relationship could work, or even be preferable.

People who have a demanding work or social life or who deeply value solitude can find lasting romance long distance, feeling better even than a closer relationship where lovers are expected to get together regularly and do everything together.

If your ideal romance is spending quality time together once in a while instead of doing everything as a couple, the long-distance relationship can be a perfect solution.

Technology can keep you together.

It’s not the same as holding hands or making love, of course, but in between the times you spend together in person, using technology to talk face to face, sending flirty texts, or keep in touch about the everyday stuff can sustain you.

It’s not expensive or difficult to talk every day by text, phone calls, Facebook, and other social media. Technology helps more and more people stay in touch.

Money talks.

If you both have limited income and live in different countries, it can be impossible to spend time together, even occasionally. Long-distance relationships are more realistic if you are comfortable financially and flying overseas or heading into the city on weekends isn’t an economic hardship.

Trust is essential.

If you’re the jealous type or she’s the flirty sort, not being near each other can aggravate your insecurities and your longing for her can get distorted by fear that she is finding alternate ways to entertain herself.

If you both have temperaments that tend to jealousy or even just extra affectionate and anxious, the trust necessary to sustain a long-distance romance might be a problem.

If your relationship is very secure and you’ve resolved to accept each other and the relationship on its own terms, it will be much easier to handle negative emotions.

Do you love a transgender woman who lives far away? Tell us your tips to thrive!

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