4 Ways to Ravish Your Trans Lover

Most trans women like to be ravished when it comes to flirty foreplay and sex. It comes up a lot in my ladies’ nights when the topic is what we want from our lovers that we’re not getting.

The image of a cave man carrying a woman back to his cave comes to mind when some of us think of the word “ravish,” which isn’t too far off the archaic definition: “to seize and carry off (someone) by force.”

From the literary definition of ravish: “to fill (someone) with intense delight; enrapture” you can find inspiration for what women want in bed.

When I think of the best sex I’ve had, there are some commonalities of moves and expressions that fall under the “ravish” meaning. Let me share my tips.

4 Ways to Ravish Your Trans Lover

1. Carry Her to the Bed

So yes, this idea does come from the archaic meaning, but of course you would only do it with consent. If you’re a kinky couple who likes to role play, you can always act out a caveman scene with pretend force; but this act is usually hot enough on its own, especially if you toss her onto the bed and begin to kiss her passionately. Not all of my lovers have been strong enough to do this, but there are many other ways to ravish your lover.

2. Undress Her Slowly

Why don’t men undress their lovers anymore? Or did they ever that much? I think most gals grow up seeing this in movies and on TV, and it’s a disappointment not to experience it more in real life. It’s not something that takes extreme skill, but it is something that gives a woman tingles in all the right places. As long as you take your time, make eye contact, add some gentle caresses and kisses as you go, you’ll build arousal which all women welcome.

3. Take Charge

We know that some of you prefer dominant trans women and that’s cool, but many t-girls want a strong take-charge lover who will give them non-stop pleasure. How do you do this? It’s probably not a good idea on the first date, but with someone you’ve already developed trust with. It’s about making the first move. About paying attention to her body language. About teasing and titillating all the way to orgasm.

4. Love to Love Her Everywhere

Of course you have your favorite body part—breasts, legs, ass, hips, neck, pussy—so it’s okay to spend a little more time there, but make sure you explore every part of the map that is her body. Know where all her erogenous zones are, the places that give her the most arousal.

Not feeling confident in going down because she isn’t sure about her new body yet? Let her guide you as you go, teach you how to please her. If she still has a penis and lets you suck it, don’t be shy. If she prefers anal, take the plunge. Women love an unabashed, enthusiastic lover!

How do you ravish or like to be ravished? Dare to share in the comments.

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