Transexual Fantasy – Should you Act on it?

Transsexuals can be quite beguiling, I mean who doesn’t like the total combination of sexual possibilities?! If you’ve been fantasizing about taking home a shemale, you really need to do a self-inventory and determine what it is that you find appealing and what activities you’re comfortable with.  Do you want a pre-op girl or post-op?  Are you looking to “bottom” or are you looking for a “traditional” male/female experience with you as the “top?”

There are all different types of trannies, some are true transsexuals, women born in mens’ bodies; while others are gay, straight, or bisexual men who enjoy appearing female.  There are even transsexuals who go from man to woman and assume the identity of a lesbian, so there is a broad spectrum of types and tastes represented within the TS/TG/TV communities. Perusing tranny dating sites would be a good start for your exploration of this aspect of your sexuality and fortunately for you we have reviewed most of the major transsexual dating sites, assuring you’ll find one that fits your needs.

Assuming you’ve figured out what exactly you have in mind for the experience, and have faced up to the possibility that fulfilling this fantasy might shake-up your inner psyche and sexual identity, by all means go for it. If you have concerns about being found out, plan a trip to one of the nation’s larger cities where you’ll find a greater selection and a level of anonymity and promiscuity that is unknown in smaller towns.

When you’ve found the transsexual you want to experiment with, it’s very important to communicate exactly what you’re looking for and make known if there are any “red lines” you don’t want crossed. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that your tranny date is a real live human being with feelings, perhaps more potent feelings than most. Treat her like a lady. If somehow over the course of events you become uncomfortable, remember it’s you, not her who has the problem and even if the experience is disastrous, she still deserves all the respect and tender treatment you would want afforded to your sister out on a date, and that includes practicing safer sex.

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