What Do Transgender Women Do When They Masturbate

You’ve seen women masturbate in porn and your transgender girlfriend has even put on a little show for you, but you know it’s not REALLY masturbation unless no one else is there.

What do transgender women do to masturbate? How do they do it? How often? Does she play with her cock? Does she use something to penetrate her pussy? Does she just rub her clit? Squirt? Put anything in her ass?

Inquiring minds want to know, so I asked.

“Many transexuals experience dysmorphia and distress around our penis, but before sex-reassignment surgery there’s nothing else to release sexual tension with. Masturbating was really uncomfortable, and I avoided it.

Once my dick stopped working like a teenage guy’s, after starting estrogen therapy, I was more comfortable with having one! I saw it more as a big clit. It’s much harder to orgasm, but I need release and relief like anyone else when I’m not with a partner. So, yes, I jerk off.” – Tamara, 23

“I’ve always been into penetration. It made me feel like a girl. When I’m having sex, I want to be fucked. Just getting my dick sucked doesn’t work for me. I’m fulfilled as a woman by being penetrated, and so far I’ve only got an ass hole so that’s what I use. When I’m alone, I lube up a big dildo and pretend it’s you. It’s easy to come this way. I don’t even touch my penis.” – Mandy, 37

“I’ve been masturbating the way most other women masturbate since I had surgery and a beautiful vagina made. That is, most of the time with one hand rubbing my clit until I come, nothing fancy, and some of the time by also putting a dildo in.” – Harriet, 47

“I don’t masturbate at all. I don’t remember ever masturbating. I mean, I tried to, I have tried to get into it, and it made me feel bad. Until I have the body that it feels like I have, it is uncomfortable and even painful to experience the body that is there.

For now, sex for me is really about intimacy, not a surge of hormones or a natural state from my body. Giving you pleasure and holding each other and touching above the belt is wonderful. I enjoy jerking you off and love having my breasts played with. It makes me feel good, almost whole.” – Jayne, 25

“I’m hornier than I ever was as a boy. Estrogen made my dick limp, but I felt so much more myself that I suddenly got comfortable with my sexual desire. I didn’t have a partner for a long time in my small town, so I touched myself quite a few times a day. I was rubbing my penis, but pretended I was stroking my pussy.

When I got my pussy, I had to dilate the vagina a few times a day for a long time, and I made the most of it, putting my new clit to good use with the exercises. Many trans women find dilating painful, but using it as a masturbation technique instead of a medical procedure really helped make it pleasurable.

I still play with myself twice a day at least. If I had a steady partner maybe that will cool down, but right now I’m rocking this hot new bod and raring to show it off! I’ve only had a few partners so far and only a few times, so I’m eager for a real relationship and lots of sex!” – Amy, 29

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