Do’s and Don’ts: Ask for the Head You Want

Maybe your transgender girlfriend is on the shy side. Or maybe she doesn’t have a lot of experience loving a man because she was married to a woman before her sex-reassignment surgery. Maybe she gives fantastic head, and you want more!

Apply these simple do’s and don’ts if you want her to give you a blowjob, or do it more often, or do it better—you’ll be blown away in no time.

DO make sure SHE’s satisfied.

Here’s what smart men know: when a woman’s pleasure is the most important thing in bed, you will reap what you sow in spades.

A comfortable, confident, satiated and secure woman will naturally want to please. You won’t have to cajole or beg—a sexually satisfied woman will go out of her way to please you. She will naturally desire whatever ways you want to get off. Sexual generosity is the byproduct of sexual generosity.

DON’T expect her to read your mind.

Communication isn’t just about a sit down heart to heart or looking at charts and graphs on a PowerPoint. It’s about moaning, groaning, and saying her name, so she’ll remember what kinds of moves she should repeat. Your arousal is important to a woman’s pleasure, but if you aren’t showing it, she may mistakenly think the whole thing is ho hum.

Some guys are silent types. They might be riding a wave of bliss but their expression doesn’t give that away. Maybe you don’t want to get theatrical by groaning artificially loud, but say SOMETHING.

Squeezing her hand when her tongue’s doing something super will speak volumes. Or just tell her, “Yes. That. I love that,” when she’s licking your balls with a stroke that sends you soaring.

DO be religious about hygiene.

Your courtesy in being clean pays off like no other tip, technique, or move.

DON’T be aggressive or nag.

Nothing turns me off cock sucking like an insistent, persistent dude who pushes me too far, too fast, or too hard.

I LOVE sucking dick and I love to swallow and can suck cock all day long, but if you’re selfish and pushy, don’t expect me to want to get you off in this most intimate way.

DON’T come without warning, or push your dick past her gagline.

Enough said. If you want a woman to swallow sometimes, be polite by warning her when you’re close—every time. Tell her it would turn you on if she’s willing to follow through, or try taking it deep.

DO be appreciative.

My TS friend Lynn once got a card in her snail-mail box, with a sparkly unicorn on the front. Inside was scrawled, “What you did to me Saturday was magical. I’ll never forget how sexy you were.”

Lynn says she gave that lover more head than all the others put together, and even though it was years ago and he moved away, if she’s single when he’s in town, they hook up for really hot mutual oral.

You don’t have to be corny if it’s not your style, but if you want us to open our mouths more often, let us know you don’t take our passions for granted.

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