Treat Your Hookup Like a Guest

If you are on a date with a trans girl that turns into a hookup, make sure you treat them as cordially as you would any guest. Paula, Member consultant at Transgender Hookups says, “Make sure your date feels comfortable. This will not only make your hookup experience fun and sexy, but will make them want to come back for more!”

Step 1: Clean It All Up
If you’ve been planning to hook up, clean up beforehand. This will really impress a date. Wash the dishes in the sink, take out the trash, and make sure there are no “gifts” left in the toilet. If it’s a surprise hookup, first, congratulations, second, offer your guest a glass of wine and clean up a bit while they’re drinking it and chat with them as you are tidying. Your hookup may be delighted with your desire to impress her.

Step 2: Comfort At Home
Offer them something to eat. Women like to know there’s more in a man’s fridge than beer and pickles. Tell her ask if there’s anything she needs. Ask them if the temperature is okay. When your date feels comfortable, they will be more at ease and thus able to have more fun with you!

Step 3: Show Them Around
When you arrive at your house/apartment, show your hookup where the kitchen is and where the bathroom is. If you’re feeling especially nice, give them a little tour. This way, when they wake up in the middle of the night, they won’t feel awkward tiptoeing around your house trying to figure out where to pee!

Step 4: Lush Environments
If you’re the kind of person who expects to have dates or hookups come often, you may want to invest in some creature comforts such as mood lighting, good pillows and a soft comforter. When your lady friend feels super snug and cozy, they will have a sense of well being and have a great time. The more relaxed your date feels, the better things will go!

So like Brian from told us, “Don’t make your date feel alienated. Welcome them like you would any friend into your home!”

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