Treat Each Other Special This Valentine’s Day

How do you show your TS Lover that you really appreciate them, and love them, or lust after them? It’s especially important on Valentine’s Day, a holiday that is all about love, to show your feelings. Here are some great ideas to make your special someone feel great.

From TS Ladies to Their Lovers

Gift Card for New Duds – Get your sweetheart a gift card to a chic store that has stylish clothes that you would love your darling to wear. Better yet, make a date to go shopping together.

Expensive Bottle of Spirits – Your lover will always appreciate a really nice bottle of his favorite drink, whether it’s whisky, rye or a fine wine. He obviously appreciates the finer things in life already!

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From Lovers to Their TS Darlings

Something Homemade – Whether it’s a decorated photo of your fun times together or a jewelry box made by hand, if you’ve got the skills, a ladyboy will appreciate a unique gift that no one else has – especially if its obvious that you put some effort into it and crafted it with your own two hands.

For a Special Someone

Sex Toys And Lingerie – Try a new lube, vibrator or kinky bondage gear on V-Day. “Last Valentine’s Day I bought the sexiest little number from Agent Provocateur,” says Shailene, a hot T-Girl and member assistant at “My boyfriend, Ryan, just loved it. He practically popped a load right then and there after I stripped off my robe! Even though I bought it, it was definitely a gift that was perfect for both of us!”

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