Transgender Attraction Before and After Transition

I really wonder how many unknown and unacknowledged resources there are in the world that address transgender sexuality.

For centuries, trans people have existed, but I personally haven’t experienced learning openly about their lifestyle and identities until the last five years of my life.

How long have people been transitioning? I have a book that said the first modern medicine sex-change operation happened in 1934 or sometime around there. I don’t know how accurate that is, but the point is: we’re all still learning the history and reality of trans people’s worlds.

One thing that I wonder: what happens to trans people’s attractions when they go thru transitions? I know my attraction to a trans partner¬†who I did art with and shared intimacy with had evolved and changed as I witnessed them take hormones over a year’s time.

I’m not attracted to men, so seeing them transition into masculinity was very interesting, because I cared deeply for them and supported their life choice, but I really was not able to share the same sexual energy we had shared.

How did they feel about me? Were they still attracted to me? I don’t know! Did it stay the same or change with some others, like the gender-fluid person we had a threesome with… and how do they get along after the transition?

Questions that I’m curious about learning the answers to… but I don’t want to force anything. Just learn.

Have your feelings changed for someone through transition? Did theirs for you? Please share your experiences in the comments below!

Addi Stewart

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