Sex Parties with Cis and Transgender

Got a little What If question for the live studio audience today, and I think it’s a good one. It has a nice little twist to cook your noodles, both brain and other southern yummies.

I recently heard of a dilemma that caused a minor kerfuffle, and yet, it was vaguely understandable, from a basic human ignorance standpoint (which may have to be occasionally taken by all of us, to have empathy for others in the world. But of course, it’s a TEMPORARY perspective, never forget).

There was a sex party that was planned by some special angels in my life that I know and love dearly. Most of them are cis-gendered women, simply angels and goddesses amongst them all. The sex party was meant to invite a very select number of cis-men to enjoy privately.

When the men found out that one of the twenty women was trans, some of them changed their minds. Automatically, they were rejected from entering, and there was not a second thought about it. There was a moment of acknowledgement like “Yes, one does not have to engage in sexual contact with trans people if they don’t want to. But if they don’t want to, we don’t want them here!”

I may not even kiss the trans person at the party, but I certainly don’t think they should not be invited! That’s just rude. Thankfully, the rest of the people were totally chill with the presence of a trans person at the party, and just like every guy and every girl there, not everyone will interact with everyone.

A simple “no thanks” would have worked wonders. But no, dudes just had to be ignorant enough to get kicked out of heaven on earth. Sucks to be them—that’s all I’m going to say about that, as I dream it forward and prepare for one of the best days of my heavenly sex life.

What if you found yourself at said sex party, how would you deal?

Addi Stewart

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