Relationship Changes after a Sex Change

There’s some experiences in this world that just don’t have any names for them, I’m quite certain. I know for sure that science hasn’t discovered every creature that exists on this wet and wild green earth, so how could any aspect of human phenomena be fully explored? It’s not, and that’s kinda what keeps this life thing fun.

That being said, I’m sure there are some things in less-exposed areas of humanity that there are words and names for, but we just don’t know them unless we are involved in those private circles and communities. For instance, I’ve had a lovely experience with a trans person recently—two, actually. Two delightful non-binary people who were both assigned female at birth. Through the miracle of modern technology, one of them has undergone their transition, and recently came out as as trans man. And this is where the words start to evaporate into thin bliss.

I had a threesome with this trans man, when they were a woman. I still have love and affection for this person because we shared intimate experiences together. I’m open sharing intimacy with this person more, but… are they still interested in me, now that they are a trans man?

I’m not sure what to call it when some initial intimacy plants a seed, but a new flower grows out of the soil! I want to know if their interest in me changed at all when they transitioned, because it would be interesting to learn how deep the changes go. I will let you know if or when I learn! Mysteries are so fun.

Addi Stewart

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