Open Yourself to Transgender Relationships

I’ve been discussing most of my transgender sexual experiences, which have been a wonderful part of my physical intimate life for about four years now, and something I’ve been curious about for about a decade before that.

It’s been a truly delicious erotic deposit into my sexual memory bank, and I would never think of renegotiating the terms of such transactions, no pun intended!

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I have more than completely enjoyed pretty much every single transgender erotic experience I have had in my life, and that’s been with both trans men and trans women, as well as genderfluid folks, which has been honestly nothing but a marvelous excursion into non-heteronormative intimacy learning. Yee-haw!

But another thing I have realized that is JUST as important, is the awareness of making sure I don’t fetishize my trans friends and only think of them as exotic sexual creatures to dabble with in dalliances and rare excursions whenever the urges are burning. Oy vay, no way! That’s just not cool, (trans) man.

There was a point of virginity that I existed in, where I hath no carnal knowledge of thine transgender flesh and fun zone. T’was an innocent time in my magical passion journey. But, one fine day, things changed for the better. Forever! And I had some fun with a trans love. Yippee!

After being intimate with trans people (on and off camera, I might add) I thought to myself: I know what it’s like being someone’s Only Black Friend, and I want to make sure that I don’t do the same thing with my transgender brethren and sistren. Hypocrisy, thy name is not invited around my hip’s properties!

So, it’s just something I do my best to do: have a variety of emotional connections to trans people of as many insightful varieties as life offers me to experience. And I dives right in the pie every time I can dine on a close encounter of the third kind.

I don’t demand or desire to automatically attempt an intimate thing-thing with someone if and when I find out they are trans, but if the attraction is there, I do not stand in her way! And alternately, if the attraction isn’t there, but other connections feel kosher like they’re supposed to keep unfolding, I grabs the edges of potential and throw caution into the wind like “let the fun and games begin!”

What kind of relationship will we have, if we’re not touching our yummies?

Only one way to find out!


Towards love,
Addi Stewart

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