No-Nonsense Sex with Trans Women

A little advice by way of the mailbag. Eric of Calgary, Canada writes:

I have been dating TS women exclusively for almost five years now, and the question I’m most asked is “what about the sex?” I used to politely attempt to educate people by telling them that our relationship is no different from theirs… but these days I sometimes blurt out inappropriate responses like “I fuck her mouth just like you fuck your wife’s” to put a quick end to the distasteful line of questioning. I decided to send my thoughts to the I Love TS crew, and that way in the future when I get asked, I can just text message a link.

I remember my first date with a trans woman. I had that fluttery feeling in my stomach, moist palms, and a almost dizzy head. Now magnify that by a hundred and that’s what you get the first time you find a gorgeous TS hottie that wants to meet you in real life, and perhaps have kinky sex with! I’m not exaggerating… it’s kinda unreal.

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My advice for your first meeting in person is to be respectful, charming and funny, and most importantly always be honest. Anything more than that will come naturally. For erotic play, a TS woman’s body will meet with yours perfectly and naturally. Like anything instinctive and sexual, you’ll know what to do.

So don’t be intimidated by a t-girl when it comes to sexual encounters. She is probably feeling just as anxious and excited as you are.

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