My Polyamory Trans Triad

So, a thing happened. This thing isn’t traditional, and it’s got parallels to polyamory. I don’t know how you would relate or respond to it, but I took the highest road possible. And I have no idea where it will deposit my dreams!

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I have a lover who is closer to my heart than probably any other person I’ve ever been with. We laugh, joke, fuck, cuddle, talk, kiss and grow together like nobody’s business. It’s bliss incarnate. But we are polyamorous. And that opens doors to new levels, almost constantly.

I met another lover who I had marvellous chemistry with, and it made my first lover quite insecure, for reasons that we eventually unearthed and learned logical wisdom from.

But… in the meantime, my first pseudo-primary lover had gone out on a date and met someone who they are quite infatuated with, like NRE super-crazy level of giddy. This person is cool, and I’m not insecure about my poly love being all in “matin amour” with her, but it did change something. And I feel it. If it makes change continue too far, then the relationship will completely move in a different direction, as in not towards the sunset of Paradise… but I know it’s not that drastic of a change.

Nevertheless… she is different. And she knows that.

So, when I asked her how she feels about this new lover and how it’s changing our relationship, she dropped a bombshell, which is the point of this post.

I asked, “How infatuated are you with this this person?” She said, “Extremely!” And I was cool with that.

I’m about compersion over jealousy for real, not just when it’s me watching two naked college students frolicking on on a bed. I was happy for my lover meeting other lovers too! And she said something that changed everything, but also kinda didn’t.

Then I asked her, “Have you two had sex yet?”

And before she replied, she said “Well, they’re trans. Does that matter or change things for you?”

And honestly, I have to say both yes and no!

Our relationship will be affected differently whether a man, woman, or trans person is being intimate with either one of us—I think that’s a fair statement to make. But otherwise, I don’t care who it is: they won’t affect my love for my partner, at the core. On the surface, maybe. But fundamentally? Meh. Love is love, yo.

The point? I had thought deeply about it, and was of two minds when she said “does my partner being trans change anything?”

I will see how much or how little it changes our relationship as the story unfolds!

In love,
Addi Stewart

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