My New Trans Polyamory Relationship

I like to refer to relationships as a garden. In polyamory, it makes so much sense and is a beautiful picture to paint. So there’s a transgender chrysanthemum in my garden, and I’m enjoying the growth of this beautiful flora in my heart garden.

It took a few months of slow, simple, and wholesome emotional growth for this flower to sprout and spread wings, but now that it has, it’s been such a pleasure to see it expand and explode upwards into the higher levels of connection and experience in my weekly existence.

This trans friend of mine has been someone I’ve known for about seven years. They transitioned five years ago, and I was lucky enough to be there when their pronouns changed, and their gender presentation made the public transformation. We were friends then, but a few times, things got hot and bothersome between us, and we exchanged some intimacy.

I ended up going to them in a moment of emergency as well, when I had a gender-fluid lover who broke up with me because they felt I didn’t respect their gender identity enough. It was the first time that I was in an intimate relationship with someone who was gender fluid. Live and learn and then learn some more. I digress.

Fast forward to this month, and suddenly, I’m bonding with this trans friend of mine, where we share a very warm kiss and a surprising amount of intellectual energy whenever we happen to see each other.

We don’t call each other, because we frequently share the same social circles and public places of meeting. We see each other often enough that it’s never that distant, and we don’t discuss certain boundaries in our budding relationship because the boundaries have always been known and respected.

We just smooch and cuddle and evolve together. It’s great! I don’t know if I want more from them, and I don’t know if they want more from me. We can talk about it one day, because it’s not like we don’t have space to be that emotionally deep—we already are that mentally connected—so anything can happen!

Addi Stewart

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