My Lover Is Transitioning

Something interesting is happening to one of my lovers. He is officially going through their transition! I have heard their new name, which is a creative interpretation of their old name that I used to call them while making love.

They have said they are officially taking steroid injections! It’s very interesting for me because when we were making love, he would often ask me to refer to their vagina as a penis, as well as pull out their packer, have me hold it, refer to it as a part of them, and hold it in place for them as well once we were post-coital.

I had a very masculine experience with this lover of mine for a few years, and to discover they are officially transitioning is a very logical and emotionally inspiring experience for them as well as for me to witness, as both their friend and lover.

I have told them through messages that I support him and congratulate him, and they responded lovingly. I would like to see him and hug him, but it will take time. I’m not in a rush to make anything happen, I support him and our connection in time.

Even if things have changed intimately, which I imagine there will be certain changes, I still love, care and support him in this time of life, and on to his next chapter. I look forward to sharing how it goes for him, and me as well…

Addi Stewart

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