Fun Ways to Spice up Your Sex Play

If you fear you are boring in the bedroom, and you want to spice things up wiyh your T-girl, there are many things you can try, even if you don’t share a particular kink. You can still use these ideas and incorporate them into the bedroom to shake things up.

Foot Fetish
The popular foot fetish comes in many forms. Some connoisseurs like big feet, some like small ones. Some prefer clean feet, others relish the scent and look of dirty feet. Some love strappy high heels, and some like feet naked and free. Even if you don’t have a foot fetish, try enhancing foreplay with some licking or stroking. member liaison Brian Motta tells us, “Feet are a very erogenous zone, and just touching them can be an intense feeling. If you’re in the right position, try touching your partner’s feet while they’re coming. Some find it greatly enhances orgasms!”

Outdoor Exhibitionism
Exhibitionists love to have sex in plain sight or in a public space where they might get caught. It could be at a sex party with a crowd surrounding them, or in a bathroom at a bar or pub. You can experiment with exhibitionism by having your date dress especially sexy and taking them out to dinner, or having them wear a butt plug or sexy accessories secretly while in public!

This fetish is for people who get off on watching or peeping on people. Now, peeping secretly is not nice, but you can work voyeurism into your bedroom fun. Just have your trans lover masturbate for you as you watch. Make sure you pay attention to all their hot reactions. You can also make a home video of you and your date and watch it later for your own masturbation session.

Anal Play
Some people just love it when another pays close attention to their ass, while others aren’t so sure. That’s okay! Victoria, an anal lover on told us, “You don’t have to take anything inside to enjoy the secret pleasures of the ‘starfish.’ There are lots of things people can do whether they’re just anal beginners or experts.” She says one way to enhance sexual pleasure is with analingus, or asshole licking! This is also commonly called rimming and salad tossing. If that weirds you out, then try just gently rubbing a finger around the exterior of the anus. It will send your lover to cloud 9!

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