Anal Sex Tips for Beginners

It’s hard to believe there’s still a taboo when it comes to talking about anal sex, or doing it for that matter. If you love trans women, it’s sometimes your only option of penetration, and perhaps part of the turn on to begin with. In my experience talking to men and women, it’s a love-hate preference. Sure there’s a few take-it-or-leave it types, but there seems to be a great divide: those who like it, really like it, and those who don’t, won’t let you within a hundred feet of their back door.

I don’t go out of my way looking for anal, but if I’m with a guy who I really like (and you kinda have to really like someone) and that’s a favorite of theirs, I’m down. Another thing… I always thought men wanted to go in there, but to my surprise, a lot of the guys I meet have no interest. When you do meet a trans woman who will let you pop that cherry, you’ll want to go the slow and steady route.

Here’s some anal tips for first-timers:

1. Make sure she’s all in before you go all in. You have to be psychologically ready to have something go up there. Feel her out… is she really ready? Are you? A pre-anal enema or rinse is optional.

2. Begin with a little butt-play. This can be done on her own or as a couple, but it will help her get used to the feel of something going in there. Try your finger, a small dildo, or a butt-plug.

3. Have lubrication at the ready. You can sometimes use her juices, if she’s dripping wet, but it’s always good to have a tube of lube for any anal play. You wouldn’t want to get started, only to get stuck or shut out. A thick silicone-based lube is best.

4. Talk your way in. If you force yourself in, it may be your last time in. Slow and steady wins the race. You need to know how deep you can go or how fast you can thrust within her comfort zone, and communication will let you know.

5. Enjoy the moment. These tips may sound overly cautious, but it really can be a weird first experience. So while you’re being careful, also remember to feel the awesome sensation that is anal sex.

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Any anal tips or experiences you’d like to share? Please leave a comment below.

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