Connecting Outside Your Comfort Zone

Does It Matter?

Do you demand that you play with the gender of person you were socialized to play with, or would you have an experience with someone you are attracted to, regardless of the person’s shape and size and sexuality?

It’s the mark of a human’s imagination, heart and compassion, I feel. And I don’t judge other ways of behaving but I do encourage people connecting, and always believe people kissing and fucking is better than people judging and criticizing and fighting.

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I was at a sex club recently, and a tall, voluptuous black person with large round breasts approached me aggressively. They pulled me to the side room and we rapidly negotiated our boundaries as a crowd gathered, lusting and hoping. But I felt like this person might just be trans. There was a slight masculinity to the feminine body. I wasn’t sure… but I didn’t care! We had chemistry and I wasn’t going to deny it.

They sat down, pleasured me orally while I fondled their fantastic breasts, and I climaxed in their mouth after five joyful minutes. As they wiped their mouth and thanked me for a good time, I thanked them too for their passion for me, and… I kinda wanted to ask, “Are you trans?” Which isn’t actually a problem to ask, if one is respectful about it. But… I then decided: it doesn’t matter! I love what happened, and they did too.

Everyone is happy!

Follow whom you are attracted to, and love them.

Thank you!
Addi Stewart

When the Transgender Truth is Revealed

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