6 Ways to Please Your Trans Dominant

Are you trans attracted? Do you love dominant women? Finding a transgender dominant who will keep you in line, discipline you when you displease them, isn’t easy to find.

Your best bet is joining niche dating sites for transgender women and admirers. Niche sites help you to narrow the field for specific types of people and specific types of relationships such as that of a master and slave. See our list of the best transgender dating sites.

You also don’t have to be hardcore into BDSM to enjoy kinky dominant-submissive role playing that isn’t a 24/7 lifestyle.

6 Ways to Please Your Dominant

1. Address Her Appropriately

As the submissive in the relationship, she may have a very specific way of wanting to be addressed, for example: Mistress X or Madam P. Once you are in the role, you’ll want to show her a higher level of respect by being subservient and only talking when she says it is okay.

2. Be Available and Attentive

Put her needs first. Yes, you may have been happily chilling at home bingeing the latest must-watch series on Netlix, but when your dom says, “Come, boy,” you go! The longer you engage in this power-exchange dynamic, the more you will be able to anticipate her needs and desires.

3. Follow Orders and Instructions

She’s going to want to boss you around, and this could manifest itself in many areas. She may want to watch you scrub the floors naked, or dress up in her underwear while sucking her cock. Maybe she will want you tied to the bed while she runs errands or led around on a leash. Do as she says.

4. Aim to Please

When she gives you an order, don’t grumble or roll your eyes. Take every command to heart, and put your whole self into it. Make those floors sparkle. Dance around in her underwear. Give the best blowjob you’ve ever given. Remember when pleasing, that a shoddy job or performance can lead to some kind of punishment.

5. Accept Your Punishment

A proper dom is not going to punish you for no reason, but if certain guidelines are not followed or obeyed, she will likely have something to remind you who’s boss. Take your lumps, or your spanking, or whatever creative punishment she has in store for you. And vow to be a better sub moving forward.

6. Explore Your Limits

Being in a role play or D/s relationship should always begin with a discussion around boundaries and limits. Be clear on what you want or don’t want, but also be open to expanding your horizons. Negotiations and the use of safe words will help everyone enjoy their role.

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