Meeting Transexuals for Foot Worship

Dear Jamie,

I love transgender women and have a thing for women’s feet. I love large, beautiful, well cared for feet in sexy socks, stockings, and shoes. One thing about transexuals is that they love to wear feminine footwear and high heel pumps and sandals. A lot of regular women only wear running shoes or even guy’s shoes now with gym socks, and so I’m in heaven at a club with lots of t-girls.

Not only do I love the actual foot and sexy shoes, but also how a tall transexual will tower over me when she wears high heels.

I’d like to meet transgenders who not only love to wear beautiful sexy high heels and nylons, silk stockings, fishnets, or thigh highs, but who would also enjoy caressing me all over with her feet.

I’m not the most wordy or assured kind of guy, a bit shy and nervous, and whenever I have tried to bring up my appreciation, I’ve made a fool out of myself. How can I put my needs out there?

I’m reasonably attractive in an average guy kind of way, have a great job and salary, and am nice and treat trans women with respect. Do you know where I can go to meet someone who might like me and accept my foot fetish?

— George, 44

George, thanks so much for writing. Sounds to me like you’ve got half of this already taken care of—you’ve found what you like, defined it, and articulated it.

The hard part for you is the same part that’s hard for everyone—getting the word out there about what you like to the people who might be compatible with your desires.

A match is always challenging, and it’s downright impossible if you don’t share your hopes and desires with those who might fulfill them.

The best way to play is to state what you’re looking for from the get-go. Make it central to your online trans dating profile. If you’re also fine dating trans women who aren’t sure about indulging your fetish for her beautiful feet, specify that you want to meet many women of all interests, but that you’d especially like to meet t-girls who don’t mind you worshipping her feet.

Niche dating sites are excellent places to meet women who have a similar sexual proclivity. I recommend to meet a lady who can meet your needs.

It’s okay to be quite specific—you love stockings, pedicures, and high heel shoes, and you’d love to use foot play when you become intimate. It’s best to be clear, because “foot fetish” means many things—some guys love those running shoes and sweaty feet that you’re talking about! Other guys who are into CBT want to have their balls crushed, not caressed. The more clear you are, the more likely you’ll make a love connection that works for both of you.

An easy way to find out if a trans date you meet online or elsewhere is game, a woman who doesn’t yet know of your foot desires, is simply to ask. When things are getting intimate, ask if you can play with and be played with by her beautiful feet, and if she’d be willing to dress in various nylons and high heels.

A great way to do this is simply to ask her if you can take her shoe shopping. Be upfront and say you’d love to buy her a gorgeous pair of heels so that you can see her in them.

If you don’t have a specialty size shoe shop in your region, explore options online. There are lots!

Let us know how it goes!

Love, Jamie

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