What’s Your Relationship with Trans Women?

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The further I explore the world of trans women, the more I get to know the men who love these beautiful creatures. And what always fascinates me is that it’s often a voyeuristic only love affair. Many men out there, some already in relationships with women, have a strong attraction to trans women, pre- or post-op and keep it hidden from everyone in their lives for fear of judgement or it ruining their current relationship.

It’s hard to deny what the heart wants, especially when there’s also a sexual element involved. Thankfully there are plenty of websites, blogs, and dating sites dedicated to trans women and the community of men who love them. Trans worshippers can learn about, watch, chat with, and meet TS girls to date. What I want to know is…

What’s Your Relationship with Trans Women?

What's Your Relationship with Trans Women?

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If none of these options describes your relationship, leave a comment. We’d love to hear how trans women figure into your life.

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Michael Duval
Michael Duval
1 year ago

I had a trans girlfriend for several years, and I really enjoyed her. I might like to find another trans woman.

7 years ago

It’s easier said… not many t-girls in Canada; they all live south. I’ve been looking in the east for some time now. I was engaged to a t-girl for 3 yrs. She’s in Ohio . Now talking to a t-girl in Brazil. I was scared at first and asked if I was gay. lol. But NO. She explained a lot to me about this new world. And I’ve grown to love it. Everyone knows I luv t-girls.

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