Why Lube is a Girl’s Best Friend—and Yours

There are a hundred kinds of lubricant, from strawberry flavored to warming to extra concentrated. No matter what you choose, the simple tube of personal lube is an absolute essential in every boudoir.

What Makes Lube So Great

It’s the key to better sex with yourself.

If you’re still using hand lotion after all these years, swap it out for something that is essentially made for the purpose. Sex lubricants are designed to be safe for your genitals. They won’t have all kinds of chemicals you can’t pronounce or greases that can stick to your bits and cause infections or irritations.

If you are hooked on hand lotion and haven’t made the switch, try out several kinds of lube and keep experimenting until you get to the one that works. There are many different formulas and one of them is bound to please!

Transgender women need it post op for dilation.

Trans women who have had sexual-reassignment surgery have to work out their designer vajayjay with special medical dildos called dilators. It can be a very painful task at first, and her doctor will recommend the best lube for her situation.

Transgender women need lube for better sex.

Be a gentleman and always keep single-use lubricant packets on hand in a variety of formulas. No woman wants to dip into a bottle that’s had someone else’s fingers or germs in it. Her vagina doesn’t create moisture the way a cis woman’s does, and to keep sex comfortable and pain free, she will appreciate your consideration.

It’s the most reliable aid for all women of all ages to keep enjoying sex.

Cis women benefit from a bit of help too. Some women naturally create more vaginal lubrication than others. Medications can throw off production, as can hormones, stress, and nutrition changes. So whether or not a woman is transgender, keep those pillow packs handy!

Middle-aged women and post-menopausal women who love sex know that lube lets them outsmart nature and continue to enjoy the best of life. So, the moral of the story is, for women who have vaginas, whether cis or trans, of all ages, lube is her friend.

Don’t take my word for it—scientific studies report the same news over and over. Women who use lube regularly enjoy sex more and more often.

It’s a total necessity for anal sex.

Don’t even think about “making do” with spit—for her ass, or yours.

To enjoy anal sex to the fullest, and make sure it’s all pleasure and minimal pain by using generous quantities of lube. You don’t want to skimp on a smooth ride!

Find your groove, but experiment too.

Find your favorite lube, but it doesn’t hurt to have a few kinds of hand. They are economical for what they give. Some last longer than others, some are stickier, some are better for toys. Silicone feels great but can be hard to wash off after. Concentrated versions just for anal exist, but lots of men find masturbation with those works amazing. Flavors are fun. It’s best to have an old reliable and a few fun options on hand.

Does your trans girlfriend have a favorite style or brand of lube? Let us know!

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