Trans Girlfriend: Have Sex without Having Sex

If you’re a trans admirer and have dated a variety of transgender women, you have probably encountered women who don’t want to or can’t “have sex.” By that I mean that she doesn’t want any kind of genital stimulation, either for a specific period of time in her life, or at all, ever.

Some transexual women enjoy using their cock, or enjoy being fucked anally, while others have a beautiful pussy that’s hot and ready. But some trans women don’t enjoy anal penetration, and others don’t want their penis touched at all. If her vagina is too new, it’s going through dilation and sore, and her doctor has likely ordered her to avoid sex until the future due to the risk of infection.

If you’re both in a situation like this one, it’s time to use your imaginations. You can still enjoy all kinds of sex play together.

Get selfish.

You’ve probably noticed that many trans women are exceptionally generous. If her body parts have been “out of commission” or off limits for a long time, she has already found that to relate to partners sexually, he’s going to be center stage because she can’t be. Since she still wants to be intimate, giving in bed has become the way to stay engaged in sex.

While you naturally want to please her in bed, if she can’t receive genital sex, then let her please you if she wants to. Accept it. Think about how much you enjoy giving in bed, so that you understand she enjoys this too.

Be generous.

Being on the receiving end of cock sucking, handjobs, and more doesn’t mean you don’t get to give. You may not get to lick her pussy (yet) or fuck it, and she probably doesn’t want you to try sucking her cock… but there’s a whole world of massage, kissing, body play, stroking, breast stimulation, and more. Ask her what she wants and enjoys, and find all kinds of interesting ways to give her pleasure.

Be creative. 

If she doesn’t want to be penetrated but wants to give you a reasonable facsimile, lube up her ass cheeks or inner thighs and have her squeeze them together as you go to town.

For many transgender women, having breasts is a profoundly symbolic, sacred, and sexual aspect of her identity. They’re so damned beautiful, but the meaning attached to having them is intense. Trans women seldom take their breasts for granted, and you shouldn’t either.

Make breast play the main course more often than not. Many t-girls climax from breast massage or prolonged nipple play. Lucky for you, tit-fucking can become a staple rather than just a special occasion!

Get kinkier.

The world of kink is a world of imaginative touch and play. The old “in and out” becomes less central, and body parts that seem insignificant to sex might become sex organs. From feet to buttocks to throat, kink can transfer genital arousal to another section of a body.

Dress-up or discipline can replace intercourse and may even be preferred. There are all kinds of fetishes that you can explore together—be open about your fantasies and desires, but have fun trying out stuff that doesn’t turn you on right off the bat. You can make discoveries together and build a repertoire of fun and games.

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