Tips to Be a Better Lover to Trans Women

No man should ever think they have nothing left to improve upon when it comes to their sexual prowess. And if you have an attraction to trans women, it can be a bit more complicated.

In case you didn’t know, women talk about sex—sometimes quite explicitly—with their girlfriends. Most of the time, it’s not about gossip or judgement, but trying to learn from one another and grow as sexual partners ourselves.

The thing is, no matter how awesome a lover you become with one gal, it can oft times feel like starting over with the next. Bodies are different, and what might send one lady through the orgasmic roof, could be a dealbreaker for the next—“No thanks, not really into your finger up my bum.”

Here are basic tips to keep you growing and becoming the best lover you can be to trans women.

Tips to Love Her Better

  1. Accept where she is on her trans journey. She may be pre-op, post-op, or somewhere in between. This will affect her sex life, and yours, if you become something serious.
  2. Let her set the pace. This is necessary, especially if her body is undergoing a transition with hormones or medical procedures. Let her tell you what she is comfortable with.
  3. Listen attentively and store details. Women often share their fantasies and desires outside the bedroom, so pay attention and bring it back when your are making out.
  4. Pay attention to her body language. When you are engaged in intimate acts, you may be getting a lot of nonverbal feedback to your sexy moves. If you aren’t present, you may miss the silent yays and nays.
  5. Don’t make assumptions based on trans porn. TS porn mostly fetishizes transgender women and should never be used as anything but inspiration, certainly not education of trans sexuality. Treat her like the lady she is.

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