Should You Make a Sex Tape with Your Trans Lover?

Should you make a sex tape of you and your transgender lover? Making a racy video can certainly turn up the heat while fostering a deeper intimacy and bond.

It can also spell disaster for your relationship, lead to blackmail, backstabbing, and worse. Here’s what to consider before you press “record.”

Before You Make a Sex Tape…

What’s the big deal?

Most guys are on one side or another when it comes to the idea of sex videos. Some of you are team NO WAY, and some of you shrug, wondering what’s the big deal?

You may be right in assuming nothing negative can come out of a fun frolic on tape. After all, with two trillion sex tapes, porn videos, and home erotica floating about, who will actually care about you naked except for the relevant parties?

Both teams are probably right. It all depends on your situation.

If you’re a married guy chasing t-girl nookie on the down low, you could become the victim of revenge porn when your trans girlfriend gets angry about living on your leftovers. You could end up really hurting your wife, something always worth consideration.

Incriminating sex tapes could also injure your trans lover in another situation if they accidentally leaked onto the Cloud or something—you don’t want to hurt her career.

On the other hand if no one is doing anything wrong, and you know and trust each other, a tape of your lovemaking can be a beautiful thing. And it’s nobody’s business but yours.

Is the tape for your eyes only?

You will want to establish who will see the video, if anyone. Most couples want sex tapes for their own enjoyment and no one else’s. But some of you will have a kink for exhibiting yourselves, and want to post the tape for others to get off to.

You have to talk openly together in advance about your expectations.

If you know you’re making a sexy video to share on amateur porn sites, you can plan accordingly to cover up any identifying tattoos and use blindfolds or camera angles that don’t show the face. You can also edit the tape together later to get rid of clues.

Put her first.

Is the sex tape your idea, or hers? If it’s yours, take a step back and give careful consideration to her feelings. Did she consent just because she thinks you want it so badly, or because it turns her on just as much?

Don’t be a douche and whine and beg if she’s not into it. Don’t offer her money unless this IS her job already and she loves it. Before thinking about your dick, think about the challenges your t-girl faces every day. If there is any risk for her, it’s not worth it.

There are lots of kinky games you can enjoy together. You can even “film” a sex session with a prop camera, not a real one, just for the fun of it.

If she’s not fully into this, move on to something else.

Make the most of a sexy experience.

If you are both in and excited about the erotic experience ahead, yay!

Make sure you spoil and pamper her ahead of time, splurging on beauty salons, mani-pedis, wigs, perfume, and lingerie.

Be relaxed, keep things fun with a sense of humor, and don’t let technical difficulties frustrate you.

Use the product of your film-making experience later on to fuel more hot sex between you!

Have you ever filmed a sex video? Share your tips in the comments!

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