Mood Spoilers during Sex

Whether sex is of the romantic, gentle variety or the animalistic rough type, it can all go kaput if the mood is spoiled. I’m sure you can remember a time when everything was going just fine until… It’s important to set the mood and to keep it going. Here are some things that really suck the life out of a hot hookup.

Mood Spoilers during Sex

Bathroom Breaks
I know I know, if you have to go you have to go, but try to go before you get down to it so you can get into the flow and keep it going. And if you have gas, make an excuse to go get something and let it out in another room.

Not Prepared with Protection
If you have even a faint idea that you may be getting some, carry condoms with you. I know a lot of men who always carry because you just never know. There’s nothing better than spontaneous sex, so having no protection would be an absolute shame.

Boring Conversation
Most people want some dialogue during sex, usually talk that includes sharing what you like your lover to do, maybe a little dirty talk. Try to avoid super unsexy conversations that might include what you had for breakfast or the presentation you have to give at work the next day. And never ask a tans woman too many personal questions on a first hookup.

Ex-Lover Comparisons
Never ever bring up your past relationships in the bedroom because your new lover will almost certainly go into comparison mode. And even if you want to share how your last girlfriend hated giving blowjobs, it’s just not the right time. Also, refrain from asking a woman how many men she has slept with… just not cool.

Coming and Leaving
This almost guarantees you that she won’t be interested in seeing you again. Even in a defined casual relationship, most of us like a small modicum of cuddling after the fact. And if you come first and don’t get her off, well, that’s the worst. You’ll definitely be filed under the “selfish lover” category. And women do talk to other women!

How to Be a Sexy Man

We love to hear about reader’s experiences. What spoiled the mood for you one time?

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