Tips for Gifting Lingerie to Your Transgender Lover

If you want to put a little Ho Ho Ho in her Fa La La La La this holiday season, stuff her stockings with stockings and other itty-bitty goodies like thongs, titty tassels, and crotchless panties.

Your trans lover might love modeling beautiful lingerie for you, and she might welcome a stack of silk-filled packages to unwrap come Christmas time. But if you’re not sure what to buy and how, or need a refresher, here are some important pointers.

Tips for Gifting Lingerie to Your Trans Lover

Ask Her First

You might want her in a full-body latex cat suit, or a see-through baby-blue teddy with adorable pom poms. But you also want her to be comfortable. She might dream of being gifted with fifty shades of negligees, but then again, she might be the kind of girl who hates frilly lace.

If you don’t know her very well, don’t assume she’s comfortable dressing like a Playboy Bunny, and don’t assume her taste will match yours. Ask her what she likes, and what she would like you to add to her collection.

Tell Her What You Want to See Her In

It’s always nice to ask, but you should share your appreciation and desires too. If you get turned on by red rubber or blush-pink satin, let her know that you want to see her in your fantasy lingerie. Compliment her when she wears things you like.

Compromise with Her Desires

Maybe you love white-hot bikinis, but she feels more desirable hiding her curves behind a long nightgown. Meet her in the middle, by giving her an elegant, flattering, strapless white nightie with a slit to the thigh. There are lots of ways your tastes can converge, and color or material preferences are just some of them.

Take Her Shopping

There’s nothing more embarrassing for a lady than having to send back the lingerie you lovingly chose—and that’s if you can. Panties and many other purchases are final. Dudes are notoriously unable to visualize our size, height, shoe width, etc. It doesn’t matter if we are petite or model-tall, BBW, or two feet shorter than you—it’s unlikely that you will guess right.

Shopping together, in person, or online, is how you to gain great insight into her tastes, size, and what she thinks of the things you like!

Shop Trans-Friendly Boutiques or Online

It can be really tricky to find lingerie to fit transgender women. Most manufacturers already leave most women out of their market—they think the only women who want to buy bras, high heels, and sexy nightgowns are skinny, five-foot three, with small feet. It’s even more frustrating if you have wide shoulders, are over six feet, or looking for strappy stripper sandals when you have size thirteen feet!

And yet, everything you need is out there. Most big cities have shops for crossdressers, transgender women’s sizes, and more. There are lots of resources online as well that cater to BBW sizes, large feet, or super tall and thin. Don’t be shy to ask her if she knows a place. If not, do some of your own research online.

What lingerie turns you on? Do you have any shopping tips?

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