Do’s and Don’ts for Lasting Longer with Your Trans Lover

So, you’ve taken your relationship to the next level. You and your transgender lady friend are getting naked, and it’s heaven.

We all have anxieties or worries about sex and our bodies, and yours is a common one for guys: how can you make sure you last long enough and come after she does?

DO Use Condoms

You hate condoms but know that they’re a necessary evil to protect your health and hers. Condoms are the most reliable ally of the man who is too sensitive to last for long! The very complaint about desensitizing the male can work in your favor if you are prone to premature ejaculation.

DON’T Move so Fast

What’s the hurry? If you want to last longer, then take the attention off of your penis from time to time, and don’t thrust like a jackhammer. Move slowly, then switch it up by eating her pussy or sucking her cock, and take breaks for more foreplay and sensual touching that doesn’t involve any up and down motions against your dick.

DO Masturbate before Hooking Up

It’s classic and tried and true. If you are super horny or super young, and easily able to shoot off half a dozen times in one day, you might need to jerk off two or three times before the date. Letting off steam and ejaculating earlier in the day takes some of the pressure out, so that you don’t explode the moment her hand touches your cock.

DO Try New Positions

We all have our fave positions that make us come reliably. For many men, it’s doggy style because the excitement of watching your cock move in and out of her is a huge turn on.

Maybe you like reverse cowgirl because you can lay back and relax while you watch her starfish squeeze your shaft. The tried and true is great when you’re ready to come, but experiment with a variety of positions that are fun but less reliable or less stimulating or that are simply less familiar. This will keep you going for hours!

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Seriously. I know it’s easier said than done, but lighten up and keep in mind that the first few times that you have sex with a new partner are going to be all about figuring things out and finding what works for both of you. The novelty and excitement and nervousness—that are natural elements to hooking up with someone new—mean it’s normal to spill sooner than you would like.

The more you try not to, the more your dick will perform in ways that you can’t predict and don’t want. Try to go with the flow, and trust that you’ll both find your groove as you move forward.

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