Anal Play without Penetration

Most men have a favorite part when it comes to trans women’s bodies. It might be big bouncy breasts, long lean legs, feet in open-toe stilettos, or a plump backside squeezed into skinny jeans.

As much as a man might like a juicy bottom, it’s come to my attention that less men these days seem interested in anal sex. Maybe it’s just me and the men I hook up with, but are guys just not that into anal anymore? Sexual acts—fantasies and fetishes—do go through fads at different points in history, so maybe it just isn’t as popular as it was a decade or two ago.

If lubing up and going in the back door isn’t for you, consider the many other ways to enjoy a lady’s behind. If it’s something she’s proud of, don’t you think it deserves a little attention… otherwise, what’s the point of all those squats and lunges. Just kidding, sort of.

Anal Play Ideas

Massaging. An erotic massage is quite possibly the best form of foreplay you can treat your lover to. It’s sensual, intimate, and can arouse a woman quickly. That’s not to say you should rush it. Plan ahead by creating a warm and cozy, romantic environment. Use oils and body bars, and glide your hands over her shoulders, down her back and over her ass. Squeeze her flesh and knead it, before massaging her inner thighs. You get the picture.

Fingering. So technically, I guess this is still penetration, but not the kind that freaks some men out. I had a lover a couple years back who slid a finger in every time. It did take me a hot minute to feel comfortable and realize this was his thing, but once I did I came to anticipate it and enjoy the sensation.

Temperature Play. This makes for exciting foreplay too, especially if you add a blindfold. Maybe you want to turn the heat up with some dripping wax or warming body oils. Or maybe you want to surprise her with ice cubes or popsicles (don’t put these inside, just run along her warm skin and drip into her open mouth.) Sensation play involves vulnerability and trust, so this isn’t always something for a first-time hookup.

Spanking. This one’s for kinksters who like to explore the world of BDSM. It lends itself perfectly to couples who are inherently dominant and submissive, and who love role playing. I’ve seen lots of trans porn that incorporates spanking if you’re looking for inspiration. Strict teacher and naughty school girl, Angry boss and lazy employee, kinky doctor and sexy nurse—just a few roles to try.

What other types of anal play can you recommend?

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