5 Things a Woman Looks for in a Man

When a woman is looking for a man, there are some ingredients that she will always want in partner. And hopefully she can provide these same qualities. Of course, many women have a much longer list of characteristics that she hopes to find in a man, but these are five that most women have near the top of her list.

1. Honesty
You’d think this is a given but from my experience, this is not always the case. Being honest with your new partner, about all facets of your life, is a huge step in building the trust that is the foundation of any healthy relationship. Little white lies, when discovered, can all but ruin what might have been.

2. Security
I’m not talking about financial security, although these types of arrangements can and do work for some couples. Women want to feel safe with their partner, that their man will be there when she needs him. Being there when it counts matters a lot to women.

You often hear women refer to a partner as her best friend. This means that the same qualities that hold a friendship together for years are also present in her relationship. These include being a great listener, dependable, and nonjudgemental.

4. Sexual Compatibility
There are different types of chemistry that couples experience, but a sexual compatibility is often necessary for a long-lasting relationship. It helps to understand your sexual needs and desires when going into a new relationship, but it can also be fun exploring these as a couple.

1. Sense of Humor
If you can make a woman laugh, you’re halfway home. A sense of humor is often right near the top of a woman’s wish list. It’s not only healthy to laugh frequently, but it also comes in handy to smooth over the small bumps that are inevitable as you grow together.

What do you look for in a woman?

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