5 Sixty-Second Sex Positions

If you’ve ever shied away from certain tricky sex positions, or thought they seemed unrealistic, why not revisit them with brevity in mind?

Maybe your t-girl is really an acrobat and can contort with more dexterity than Madonna on a tightrope. But you don’t have to be an acrobat or an athlete to enjoy crazy sex positions!

Enjoy the twister positions with just a few minutes in mind. So many fun sex positions have novelty, not longevity, going for them, but that’s no reason to miss out! Add a few at the beginning or end of your regular faves to keep things fun and find new sensations.

If you and your girlfriend are older, or differently abled, you can still experiment with some so-called advanced positions—the trick is to enjoy them for a moment or two, and then switch gears.

5 Sixty-Second Sex Positions

1. The Sumo Squat

It looks so easy in porn when the girl on top squats with her feet and bounces the night away into oblivion. But in real life, she needs to be a soccer player, right?

No. The foot-planted squat works well for most women. She may not have the athletic staying power needed to go all night like the porn queens, but anyone can go for a few minutes.

Do it on the floor in a doorway. That way, she can support herself with either hand on the door frame and make this work like a charm!

2. Dirty Dog

Lots of folks assume that standing doggie-style positions are super advanced. In fact, standing can make doggie work great for women with knee complaints and iron out incompatible height issues. The easiest doggie style of all is just both of you standing, with her holding onto a counter top while bending over. You can enter her ass or pussy straight up, or stand on a book or yoga brick to line up with her.

The standing dirty dog is great if she has a cock. You don’t have to enter her—just slip your cock between her ass cheeks or thighs, and reach around to play with her dick if she enjoys that.

3. The Fire Hydrant

Not too flexible? Have her use a low coffee table for stability, or use the bed to rest one leg. Voila! Easy access to her sweet spots from behind. Try something higher, like a window sill, for just a moment if you can.

4. The Ride-Em Cowgirl

Forget the horse, but keep the cowgirl boots. The exercise bench works best for this, but any kind of bench will do. You lay back with your hard-on pointed at the sky, and she straddles you. If the bench is near her hip level this as easy as it gets, because she can stand. But she can use the steel sides of the workout bench to brace herself while she drives you home.

5. The Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

If you happen to find a deserted playground, make use of that swing set. A tire swing in the woods is easy to set up if you live in a rural area. And you can always use a sex swing at home. A swing offers support, so it can work wonders for all skill levels to try insanely fun sex positions.

They can be pretzel positions or just take the basics to new heights by helping to hold body parts in place. Just plunk her down on the swing, lift up her legs, and use the suspended velocity to rock back and forth into oblivion.

What’s your go-to sixty-second sex position? Please share in the comments!

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