4 Fun Positions For You and Your T-Girl

Saturday afternoon sex that bleeds into Sunday morning through noon is my kind of weekend. Cut loose and have some fun, and let off some steam with playful positions like these.

1. Head and Shoulders

She can pull her legs up toward her ears, opening wide to give you unhindered access to penetrate her from on top. You can support yourself on her legs, pushing them back further for the absolute deepest entry possible, or lie out on her for slower and more intimate thrusting, face to face—amazing.

2. Kneeling at the Throne

Get the most out of receiving oral sex by draping yourself in a comfy chair with her kneeling at your feet, or vice versa. With no one needing to prop on elbows, or manoeuvre around a supine body, oral cock worship can be the main course.

The throne is his ‘n’ hers—switch it up, and let her be the queen. You can treat her to an extra long pussy licking or suck her cock, depending what she’s got and what she likes.

Both king and queen get an extraordinary view of their subject in the position to please!

3. Ballet Barre

You can use a window sill, a bed frame, the back of the sofa, a long table, anything linear that you can find that is the right height for your purpose.

She can support her standing body comfortably with both hands on the “barre” while raising one leg, stretched out. This gives you amazing access to her, and gives her leverage from both the floor and the barre to push and grind in ways that allow her to grant you deeper access or make circular motions with her hips for more pleasure.

4. Reverse Cowgirl

It sometimes takes a bit of an angle adjustment with a new guy to get going, but the reverse cowgirl is actually my preferred woman-on-top position, rather than the classic straddle. This is because the slightly altered positioning of penetration gives me great stimulation that feels different from most other positions.

In this position, she gets to lean down and hold onto your ankles, which gives her awesome thrusting control, and when she does, you have an amazing view of her ass in the air—with your cock in it. You can watch your dick penetrate her starfish or pussy, and she can rock herself into heaven.

What position turns you on the most? Please share in the comments!

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