Holy Foot! Different Kinds of Foot Fetishes

One of the most common kinks around for guys is the foot fetish.

Although women aren’t usually into feet the way a lot of guys are, and don’t necessarily get off sexually on the worship, stimulation, tickling, pedicures, and pampering that you want to lavish on her, they are often happy to enjoy the attention. And the shoes!

Guys might have a kind of broad foot fetish where anything about feet appeals and turns him on. But others have very specific kinks. Almost everyone finds a woman wearing high heels sexy, for example. But for some of you, it’s the arch that gets you off, or the toenails.

Some of you like clean, soft, slender, painted feet. Some prefer them dirty, calloused, and rough. Here are seven kinds of foot fetishes that some transgender admirers have.

Different Kinds of Foot Fetishes


Pantyhose are nude colored, transparent stockings with closed toes that cover a woman’s legs and torso. They were invented, so a woman wouldn’t be “bare legged” even if she was. Unsurprisingly, the hose themselves became hot to millions of men.

Foot guys loved the look of the female foot inside the hose. Lots of guys with a thing for feet in nylons love seeing the toes spread under the satin, or love touching the silky texture of the material.

Long Toenails

There are very specific variations even inside the long toenail kink, believe it or not. Some men want trimmed, uniform toenails that simply show a thin ridge over the toe. Some like them to extend a third of an inch, or be REALLY long.

Then there is over-the-top long, which is impossible naturally and requires salon fakes. Some of these can go to crazy lengths where the woman can hardly walk. These often come with elaborate decorations and paint jobs.

Trashed Sneakers

If you’ve ever been browsing an online auction, you may have come across ads for dirty, well-worn running shoes at an exorbitant price. If you wondered who would want a messy pair of no-name kicks for eight times their original value, you aren’t alone. The answer is that some guys get their kicks from sniffing and fondling used kicks, and the code word is “trashed” for sneakers.

Pumps and Stilettos

If you love your transgender lover to wear stilettos with skinny jeans , knee-high boots with six-inch heels, or tease you in killer-red open-toe pumps, you’re lucky—most t-girls adore shoes!

Smelly Feet

Some men find that the odor of stinky, sweaty feet gives them an instant boner. Since most women are embarrassed by any scent that isn’t perfume, if she’s washing away the good stuff before you can huff it, guys might sneak a sniff of her shoes to get their fix.


For some guys, the foot thing is linked less to the shoe, foot, or foot odor itself, and is part of a larger and more symbolic picture. Kneeling at the base of the goddess, or having a dominant woman humiliate you by crushing your balls or forcing you to lick her feet or boots is the thrill here.

Food Crushing

Like I said, it gets REALLY specific. Some guys have a food crushing fetish, or a cake sitting, or sploshing, or messy spaghetti thing. Naked women covered in Alfredo sauce is a thing! For some, it’s the combination of feet and food.

What’s your sexy foot thrill? Bare your sole in the comments below!

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